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Vehicle remapping is different to chipping. Vehicle remapping the car does NOT involve opening the actual Engine Control Unit (ECU), but instead uses a separate remapping software which links to the cars ECU. The cars current maps are downloaded from the ECU, our software then remaps them (our software automatically finds the optimal remapping settings for each car) and then the new maps are uploaded back to the ECU. The process can usually be completed within 30-45 minutes.


Our technicians have developed a way of optimising the settings stored in your cars Engine Control Unit (ECU) so that your car will be more fuel efficient. Typically you will gain an extra 6-10 MPG (or as much as 10%) after remapping your car.


In addition to giving you better fuel efficiency, these optimisations will drastically improve your cars performance, giving you typically up to 20%-30% more BHP and torque, making your car far more responsive.


Using our sophisticated software to smooth out the power graph, and this in combination with the extra power gained makes your car instantly more drivable by tuning the maps on your cars ECU. The hardware on your car is not changed, we remap the car through the OBD/II port.

What is Remapping?

Vehicle remapping will make your car faster, more powerful and result in better fuel efficiency, there is also the added benefit of giving the car a better drive-ability than the usual “factory T”.

In Layman Terms How Does Re-mapping Make All of These Added Benefits Possible?

Manufacturers by law are required to add a dip to the power of your engine between 2k and 3k RPM. Originally meant to increase fuel efficiency, however, all this has meant in reality is that people just put their foot down more to counteract this dipping effect, therefore, using more fuel instead of less. Vehicle Manufacturers often also actively limit the performance of a car to enable them to release a sports version of the same car.

What cars can be remapped?

Vehicle remapping can be done to most makes and models of cars, during the vehicle remapping process one of the steps is to remove this dip between 2k and 3k that manufacturers implement, making for a smoother power graph as you move up through the gears. This smoother graph means you actually have to change gear less often, therefore increasing fuel efficiency. Another step in the vehicle remapping process is to remove limiters essentially making your car perform like the sports model.

Diesel and turbo diesels usually achieve the best performance increases in both the torque and bhp settings with increased fuel efficiency. Petrol cars become more fuel efficient and achieve higher than average factory settings in overall performance.

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