Smart Alloy Repair

Smart Alloy Repair Service

Introducing Smart Alloy Repair – Exclusively at Moor St

“Convenient car valet and alloy repair while you shop!”

We’re used to making your car sparkle like new but isn’t it frustrating when you see those little scrapes and scuffs on your alloys just ruin the final effect?

Or even worse, the dread that comes with trying to keep your pride and joy looking like new but succumbing to ruining those beautiful alloy wheels?

Well worry no more! H2O are proud to offer a SMART ALLOY REPAIR service for all out customers!  We’re working with leading midlands specialists MIDLAND WHEELS to bring a suite of alloy repair services conveniently carried out whilst we valet your car.

What could be easier! BOOK your valet and alloy repair today and you’re one step closer to that showroom look!

Smart Repair
Diamond cut wheel polish