Diamond Cutting Specialists

Here at Midlands alloy wheel refurbishments we offer one of the best alloy wheel diamond cutting services in the UK. We have one of the best diamond cutting lathes with close precision on the market currently, our simple 3 stage diamond cut lathe allows us to have one of the quickest turnaround times for alloy wheel diamond cutting in the UK.


We also retail our wheel tech 2000 diamond cutting lathes to market from as little as £26500 + vat, which gives us the cheapest price points for one of the most reliable diamond cutting lathes in the wheel industry. We offer a 1-year guarantee to the buyer with a construction and delivery time of approximately 4 – 6 weeks. Training is an additional £1999.99 + vat.


Alloy wheel diamond cutting is now becoming more popular than ever with a lot of well-known dealerships offering these excellent finishes on new cars. If you have a car which is used for lease purposes or maybe day to day use, you may want to know that when returning the vehicles at the end of your contract, the dealerships will apply an expensive charge if there is damage to your wheels, we offer these diamond cut repairs at a fraction of their price.


Diamond cutting is a fine diamond tip used on a specially designed lathe which is programmed to take off the finest layer of metal on your wheels, while removing kerb damage, imperfections and any corrosion on your wheels. Our Diamond cutting wheel lathe allows us to do this in 3 easy steps as follows:


  1. Your wheel is probed by the machinery programme to plot the shape of the wheel so the diamond tip can follow the spokes to the centre of the wheel.



  1. A laptop inserted with a USB is then used to apply a curving programming of the wheel so the diamond tip will give you a smooth mirror finish when the wheel is complete.



  1. The programmed wheel off the USB is then selected on the diamond cut lathe before allowing the cycle to start so your wheel finish will start to look as good as new.



Purchasing our wheel tech 2000 diamond cut lathe allows the buyer to see a rapid return on investment where you can have the opportunity to make your money back in as little as 6 months and gain substantial profits.


For any enquiries please call us on 01214486880 or email: midlandswheels@gmail.com