Diamond Cutting Four Oakes

Do you consider yourself a lover of cars? Perhaps you have a collection of cars and take great pride in their appearance? If so, you’ll understand that it can be hard work, not to mention keeping the wheels in top shape. Instead of spending wasted hours on getting your wheels to shine, why not invest in diamond wheel cutting? If you’ve been considering investing in diamond cutting in Four Oaks, let the team here at Midlands Wheels and Tyres help you today.

When it comes to rectifying alloy wheels, there are several options in terms of giving your wheels that bright gleam which many people aim for. Whilst powder coating is one of our wheel refurbishment specialities, one of our more popular choices is our diamond wheel cutting service.

With our precise process, you will have shining wheels back on the road in no time. Our process is straightforward and involves removing a thin layer of the alloy in order to create the shine. Whilst it’s not something that should be done regularly, our process causes no damage to the wheel itself.

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