Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Made from a combination of aluminium and traces of other metals, alloy wheels are a firm favourite with car owners nationwide. They are favoured for their aesthetic appeal and also because they are lightweight without compromising on strength. It is also generally considered that alloy wheels add value to your car so they are a worthy investment and a component of your vehicle that you must maintain and take good care of.

If you seek alloy wheel refurbishment for your vehicle, Midlands Wheels & Tyres is the preferred choice for customers from locations across Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Time after time, customers choose Midlands Wheels & Tyres for alloy wheel refurbishment, replacement tyres, vehicle remapping, alloy wheel diamond cutting and alloy wheel diamond cut CNC lathes, and bespoke LOMA wheels, because they are a specialist wheels and tyres company. Unlike other general mechanic firms, they have honed in on one aspect of mechanics and worked hard to make sure their services are the best in the area.

Over time, general wear and tear to your wheels including scraping kerbs or corrosion can leave your alloys in need of some TLC. Bring them along to Midlands Wheels & Tyres and in just a few, short days, they will be as good as new. Their wheel specialists aim for each of their clients’ wheels to be refurbished to the same standard as the original factory finish. They also prevent further future damage by applying a powder lacquer to protect the wheel from salt, brake dust and any other elements that the wheels may come into contact with on the roads.

If your wheels have received a battering over the years and you want to improve the aesthetic of your car, look no further than Midlands Wheels & Tyres to provide you with the best alloy wheel refurbishment for miles around. Head over to their website to learn more about the refurbishment process or to book an appointment.

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