Alloy Wheel CNC Lathe

Have you been searching for a wheel specialist who can offer effective alloy wheel CNC lathe services? Here at Midland Wheels & Tyres, we offer our expert services to clients across the midlands, whether you require new alloy wheels or repairs to your current alloys, then you can rely on our expertise and modern technology to sufficiently repair your alloys.

Alloy Refurbishment
We offer a great selection of services, especially for alloy wheels. We not only have the latest equipment to complete alloy repairs and refurbishments, but we have a team of qualified personnel to complete the alloy wheel services. Any kind of problems can occur with your alloy wheels, but as they are a part of the car that has a great impact on the appearance and performance of your car, it’s vital to ensure they’re safe and unscathed. This is why many people do decide to get them repaired, cleaned or replaced, whether they look damaged, scratched or grubby.

Customers choose Midlands Wheels & Tyres for alloy wheel refurbishment, replacement tyres, vehicle remapping, alloy wheel diamond cutting and alloy wheel diamond cut CNC lathes, and bespoke LOMA wheels, because we’re the specialist wheel and tyres company in the Midlands.

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